Fabrizio Fraboni Baroni is a multifaceted Architect and Consultant which has  developed many activities in Italy and in the rest of the world.

From 2008 Fabrizio has been the Design & Architecture correspondent of the English magazine Issue One London, and from 2007 he is the PR & Ambassador of Beauty of the Italian #AI Magazine.

He has realized a number of architectural projects and consultancies published in major reviews at national and international level and he was called upon to hold conferences in Italy and abroad.

Over the years, Fabrizio has been collaborating with Lucilla Furfaro realizing bespoke and spectacular events for private & corporate clients.

Fabrizio graduated at Florence University presenting a dissertation in Architectural Design with Professors Paolo Zermani, and Giovanni Polazzi.

While he was a student he worked as a free lance journalist for Tv Radio Universo, Reporter Tv, and other radios and Tv channels being responsible for culture and public affairs. During the same period he participated, with the international practice Archea Associati, at some of the most important national and international architectural competitions and consultations. Some years later, he achieved his master degree in Church Design and formed his practice.

Since its inception Fabrizio has grown as a multifaceted Italian Architect & Consultant who instead of specializing in one sector, has diversified and worked in: Interior and Architectural design, developing projects at all scale and sectors; in Retail and Industrial design, developing projects for some of the most important groups including Armani, Audi, and l’Oréal; in Set Design working for RAI TV, the Italian State Television, designing stage sets for the broadcasts.

Since 2000, he has been the Consultant of some of the most important retail companies including Caimi 2, Gibam and Tecnoshops. Since 2010, he has been cooperating with Archea Associati working at worldwide level and developing projects and contacts as a PR with private and public authorities. Since 2015, he has been the Consultant of Mixers Gabbioneta and of DL Consulting for fashion firms. In 2017 he has been the Consultant of Dolce & Gabbana.

In addition to the PR activity, nowadays fabrizio works on the development of buildings with a strong technological imprint aimed at recycling and re-utilizing materials and components and low energy consumption. Constructions that look more towards the reality of the future than the present for which the key words are: dematerialization, lightness, transparency, flexibility, ease of disassembly and visual communication.