While I was 14 my father had just inaugurated his first TV channel and asked me to work for him. He said “… come it will be useful for your life”. The school was just finished and I spent the summer holidays in the nascent newsroom of TV-Radio Universe. I replied that experience during the following years.

At university, rather than journalism, I chose architecture. It was clear to me that the years spent by my father had made the innate talent of communication mature in me. Beyond theory, I had learned the practice of writing, public speaking and being in the world.

From 2008 Fabrizio has been the Design & Architecture correspondent of the English magazine Issue One London, and from 2007 he is the PR & Ambassador of Beauty of the Italian #AI Magazine.

Interior Design, Architecture, Retail, Industrial & Set Design are values that inspire people. On this regard Fabrizio’s cooperation with Issue One and #AI Magazine give him the opportunity to develop a profound reflection on the complex reasons that move nowadays individuals and societies.